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Night of the Walking Clones pt1

Posted on 10 Nov 2017 @ 7:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexander Night & Commander Jack Lashmore & Lieutenant JG Asami Inoue & Chief Warrant Officer Dr Rodney Miller
Edited on on 11 Nov 2017 @ 5:02am

Mission: Mission 01: The Hromi Shakedown
Location: Derelict Cruiser, Arboterum
Timeline: Co-current with all "Night of the walking clones" and "Clear my Skies"

Derelict Cruiser, Arboterum

Time was ticking and Alex was feeling the pressure in the core of his being. He tapped his commbadge, "Asami, how long?" The Orion woman was with them, so hopefully it wouldn't take more than a few more moments. While he fully understood and would have agreed in other circumstances with said course of action, this circumstance however could cost five fellow officers their lives because they took too long.

The math, in Alex's opinion wasn't right on this one.

"Two minutes!" Asami called out over he shoulder as she pulled another sample case from her kit. The seed vault was massive, and she wouldn't be able to get everything now. Hopefully, the Cross would be able to get the rest, but she didn't want to leave anything related to the trees to chance.

"Hurry, please." Alex checked his phaser, making sure it was set to kill and not stun.

Rodney was trying his best to take the 'samples' they needed, he however hadn't been so interested in plants, considering if was in the suit and any of this was remotely citrus like he'd either be dead or in a very bad way in the Cross's sickbay, if they even made it out alive.

"This is so stupid..." He repeated to himself. "This is so stupid..." He repeated as he collected more seeds.

"Ok done sir!" Asami called out as she snap the seals closed on her kit. "Rodney you got everything?"

Alex stepped over to the entry to the Vault. "We need to go, now." In his mind he was counting off. With each second, each minute, all of their chances drastically diminished. "Weapons on kill, Asami you're the Princess' protection detail. Rodney, you and I will take point and back."

"Aye sir." Asami slid the kit strap over her chest so there'd be no danger of it falling off. It was a little clumsy but it would have to do. Drawing her phaser, Asami moved to the Princess' side with a nod, activating her communicator as she went. "Inoue to Southern Cross, we have all rest of the samples we're not taking with us tagged with subspace transponders. Hopefully that will allow you to beam them out once the shields go down."

Shisa's voice came through, "we're a little bit busy, stand by."

"Everything inhumanly possible yes!" He sealed his collections and produced went over to the group at end of the vault.

"I advise getting off this ship before it disintigrates, because I rather enjoy being alive."

Alex nodded from the door, "that is the plan, Rodney. Highness, are there alternate ways to get to the shuttle bay that you sent the others to? I doubt we'll be able to fight our way right through them."

The orion woman glanced at each of them, "not alternative paths in which we all would fit through, in order to reach the hangar we must engage the clones...I would advise very little mercy."

Alexander nodded, "alright," he gripped his phaser and opened his tricorder, "alright, I'm on point, Rodney, take the back. Let's move." He said as he leaned into a standard soldier's crouch as best as he could due to his suit, and headed down the hallway.

"Princess ah..." Asami started, trying to remember her tactical training. "Take a hold of my armor and ah don't let go until we get to the shuttle." The idea was that the Princess would move with Asami and they'd alyays have an idea of where the woman was.

The Orion woman seemed perplexed at the offer, with even a questioning glint in her eyes before she nodded smoothly and clasped her right hand around Asami's EVA-suits belt.

"I'm hardly qualified to be a rear guard... I'm a physicist not a soldier. Now can we get going?!" Rodney demanded with his usual lack of tact and petulance.

"Moving!" Alex announced as he made his way down the corridor.

While in itself the length between their starting point and destination wasn't long, the terrain and the large moving obstacle certainly would make it so. Down a stairway they went first, then stopped briefly at an intersection to check corners. Alex found himself having to tighten down on rising stress and fear for all of his team members and Miss Royalty there. He refused memories of a catastrophic away team mission cloud his judgement and leadership here. He could and would not have a repeat of that catastrophe.

So far they had managed without issue. However loud sounds of grunting, moaning mixed with starfleet weapons fire and their screams... It was enough to unnerve anyone.

"Asami, readings?" Night called.

"Lots of bio readings, all around us, some as close as a bulkhead over, but so far nothing directly in our path sir." Asami reported, trying to balance her phaser, tricorder and keep the Princess close.

"Torrna to Night. We can't hold them much longer!" A particularly nasty vaporization sound followed her words.

"Torrna, Night. Understood, we are close. Estimate one minute. Night out." Alex got into a mobile stance again. "Let's go. Eyes peeled, phasers ready." Without waiting for confirmation he moved down the hall again.

Around them sounds worsened and vibrations could be felt in the flooring. They were getting closer to the hot zone with every step. Round the corner here, round another corner, down some more steps, the team continued swiftly.

Night raised his closed fist up to bring the team to a halt seconds later as he stepped around a corner and quickly stepped back. The shuttlebay was within reach. However...

"Asami, Rodney. There's a mass of them in front of us. Set your phasers to wide beam." He instructed. "Torrna, Night. We're on the other side of a pile of bodies, the shuttlebay is in sight." Alex said, setting his own phaser to do the same.

Asami turned the phaser in her hand, changing the focus settings as she went, making sure she increased the power usage so it would remain just as powerful. Her small hand weapon wouldn't be able to keep that up for long, but hopefully it wouldn't have to.

Rodney fumbled with his phaser setting it as instructed, he fired a fair few phasers in his time, but never off a range. "Nothing heroic..." he muttered to himself.

"Torrna, Night. Ready when you are." Alex took a deep breath.

Maliya blinked, What?

Night fought back a sigh, "we need to fire at the same time."

Maliya shook her head, Alright. On three. To Kibi and Roger she indicated that both teams should fire their heaviest bursts on the count of three.




Teams fired from both angles with all they had, despite the risk of likely hitting each-other. In the end there was but smoke filled air, air of the stench of roast yet rotten meat.


A singular cough...

"That would appear to be all of them." The Orion female noted relatively simply to a group that seemed to be waiting for a dime to drop.

Rodney slowly opened an eye after firing. "It... it worked!" he exclaimed. "Now can get get off this..." he glanced to the princess. "No offence, bucket of bolts?"



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