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Night of the Walking Clones pt2

Posted on 10 Nov 2017 @ 7:10pm by Commander Jack Lashmore & Lieutenant Torrna Maliya MD & Lieutenant JG Agron Drag'nah & Ensign Kibi Hren & Ensign Jilani Ranor
Edited on on 10 Nov 2017 @ 7:11pm

Mission: Mission 01: The Hromi Shakedown
Location: Derelict Cruiser, hangar bay
Timeline: Co-current with all "Night of the walking clones" and "Clear my Skies"

Derelict Cruiser, hangar bay

Seeing the mass of mindless creatures hungry for their genetic material up close was terrifying. Sure Maliya's time in the Resistance fighting the Cardassians was scary, and her time in the trenches and operating on people in the Dominion War was bad. But these things? These things didn't care who you were and what you stood for. These things harvested anything and everyone compatible. This single minded purpose was downright terrifying.

An orange ball from a phaser rifle next to her clearly said it was time to fight, so she fired too.

The deformed orion clones were not exactly strong, they moved relatively was their sheer numbers and determination which was the true threat. With the hangar only having two viable exits - the door into the rest of the habitable ship - or the vacuum of space beyond the hangar - the team within was trapped as the clones already held the exit into the rest of the ship. Dozens, maybe more continually trying to scramble over each-other into the hangar bay despite the constant sprays of pulse-fire directed towards them.

Maliya kept firing, tough in her mind she was starting to realize that the incoming team would run into a problem very soon. The 'dead zombie' barrier would create even more of an issue than just the zombies.

"Hren, that barrier is going to create a problem for the Commander, any ideas how to clear it?" The bajoran asked as she kept firing.

Kibi was much too busy shooting to immediately register the doctor's question, absorbed in the tunnel vision of combat. Alone on her side of the shuttle, the clones began to focus on her, and a wave of six advanced on her paltry fortress of boxes.

Panicked rapid fire downed five of the green monsters, but the sixth finally managed to clamber over the boxes, close enough to hug the Cardassian girl. She frantically tried to shoot the clone with her rifle but there was no room for it, and the thing's hands scrabbled around the rim of her helmet, almost as if...

"KIBI!" Juliani's voice piped up.

"Juliani, no!" Maliya's voice followed.

He's trying to unclasp my helmet!

Screeching, Kibi moved without thinking, hurling the big Orion over her shoulder onto the deck and finishing it with an orange beam from her sidearm. She immediately turned back to the doorway to face any more attackers, but the Starfleeters seemed to have a momentary break. Kibi started, belatedly remembering what Maliya had shouted.

"We'll...have to...vaporise it," she panted, scooping up her rifle from the floor; she didn't even remember dropping it during the brawl. "When the others come, not before, the bodies give good cover...we'll use our sidearms, okay?"

"Juliani, get back to cover!" Maliya growled at the wayward Security officer and fired off a few shots at the zombies closing in on the man who broke cover. Then the bajoran registered the cardassian's question. "We hear you, Hren!" She acknowledged, pulling at the young man, "back to cover, Juliani."

"Kibi, you okay?" Roger Juliani asked as he resumed his post next to Torrna.

"We're on a creepy alien wreck fighting green zombies!" Kibi whined loudly even as she opened fire on a pair of glassy-eyed Orions and nailed them both with headshots. "HOW IS THAT OKAY!?"

Meanwhile Agron and Jilani reached the shuttle. The Xindi shuddered a little as the grunting and screeching sounds reach them aswell as sounds of Federation weapons firing.

Reigning his composure in quickly however, he opened up his tricorder. "The translator is struggling with these symbols. Damn it!"

" this one looks the same as on the manual door controls..." Jila said slapping the upside down caduceus looking symbol. At first nothing happened and she felt just as defeated as the Xindi. But when the creaking began and the hatch slid to the left, Jila finally released a waiting breath.

The shots and groans were getting closer.

"Come on! Come on!" Agron groaned, then his expression brightened a little as he breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay I think I can open it." He reached out and tapped at the controls.

It groaned once, twice, three times before he managed a correct sequence. The doors groaned loudly as they tried to move, after eons of disuse and lack of maintenance. Slowly they began to opne, though before they knew it, they stopped.

"Oh for Spirits sakes!" Agron cursed and tapped Jilani's shoulder, "if we open them all the way we may never be able to close them. "Let's get in there and see if we can activate this bucket."

"I think we can both squeeze through, me easier than you though." Jila said as she turned to the side and started to squeeze through the hatch. If only they weren't wearing these cumbersome suits they'd have no problem making it inside. Instead a rather long string of Cardassian and Bajoran expletives were leaving her mouth as she tried to squeeze her chest plate through the small gap.

Agron braced against the door, trying to widen it a little for the small cardassian, hoping it would also be enough for him to squeeze through. "Try to see if there's any power in it left and if you can switch it on once you get in." He advised through a series of grunts and curses.

"Right! Jila grunted, stumbling through the hatch, barely keeping herself from falling to the deck. Steadying herself against the wall, Jila looked around at the darkened corridor. "I think this way's the Engine room." She couldn't be entirely sure, but there was a large dark line that followed down the corridor that reminded her of some of the power conduits they saw leading into the stasis room.

"Go with your gut, Ensign!" Agron called, struggling to open the door a bit more.

Following down Jila eventually found herself in a small engine room, or what she hoped was the engine room. THere were a few flickering pannels inside so that was a good sign. Of course, that meant that something was keeping the power from the reactor from getting to the rest of the ship. Dammit where was Rodney when you actually needed him!? Pulling out her tricorder Jila took a quick round of the room until she found what she was looking for.

There had been some kind of surge that appeared to have burned out a couple of control circuits. Despite the damage, she could see the details of the control crystals and did her best to hunt down a matching pair.

The Xindi managed to squeeze through the opening and was hurrying forwards as best as he could in the cumbersome suit towards the front of the vessel, hoping the ancient Orions kept their cockpits in the same place. "Jilani how's it going?"

"I think I got it!" Jila called out before slamming her fist against the control panel above her in frustration. She'd been mixing and matching crystals for the last minute or so and she hadn't found all the burnt out ones. She really had no idea what she was doing hoping that simply replacing the colors would be enough.

Letting out a string of Cardassian and Bajoran curses, out of frustration, Jila slotted an oversized blue crystal into a slot where a burnt out stubby yellow once sat. Seeing the panel light up, Jila let out a whoop of joy and relief. "Agron you should have power!"

"Okay, got it!" The Xindi replied, trying out crystal combinations. "Come on, come on! Talk to me ship! How do I fly you?" He tapped on his tricorder, trying to make sense of the readouts.

Outside the shuttle and towards the interior entry of the hangar-bay the flood of degraded orion clones continued without showing any signs of depletion in numbers.

"New wave incoming!" Maliya called as another wave of zombies appeared on the horizon.

"Oh come on!" Kibi groaned loudly, checking her rifle and realising with alarm that it was down to a mere 34% charge; they really could run out of ammo before the others arrived. Shouldering her weapon, tears streaming from her eyes down her dry grey skim, Kibi started shooting again along with Maliya and Juliani, but the Orions just kept on coming. "How is this even fair!?"

"Torrna to Ranor, how are you doing? We're getting crowded in here!" The edge was clear in Maliya's voice.

"We have power ma'am, now we're just trying to figure out how to fly the dammed thing!" Jila called back over comm, the frustration of her own tone was as clear as Torrna's.

"How long?" Maliya asked again, never stopping her firing cycle. She was concerned however. Phasers and phaser rifles ran on batteries. Sooner or later, said batteries would deplete.

"Unsure ma'am, the translator is having trouble with the complex control interfaces!" Some words were populating but it wasn't enough for them to gain full control.

"Hurry it up! Torrna out!"

"Aye ma'am." Jila said to the dead air around her as she tried to interpret the symbols before the computer did. "Does this? Does this look like the engine start-up sequencer to you?" Jila wasn't an expert in shuttle systems but then both of them were probably more than a littel out of their depth.

The Xindi nodded, "looks like it, though the syntax is making it very difficult to process fast enough." He commented more to himself than anyone and tapped at a few controls. "Let's see."

"Torrna to Night. We can't hold them much longer!" A particularly nasty vaporization sound followed her words.

"Torrna, Night. Understood, we are close. Estimate one minute. Night out."

"Shit!" Maliya cursed and fired off another round.

"Drag'nah to Torrna. We believe we have basic controls." A call came moments later. "Is the Commander with you?

"Negative, forty seconds out." A grunted reply from the bajoran. "Get her ready to go!"

"I suggest you begin retreating. Drag'nah out.

“Easy for him to say!” Kibi complained loudly on the channel reserved for her, Torna and Juliani.

Twenty seconds later another call, "Torrna, Night. We're on the other side of a pile of bodies, the shuttlebay is in sight."

Only a half dozen of the crazed Orions remained, but by now they seemed to be learning, all running at Kibi’s side of the hangar. The Cardassian ensign threw away her rifle, having finally drained the weapon, and instead drew her small sidearm. Moving out of cover, the knowledge that she had to stay mobile now hanging vaguely in the back of her mind, Kibi started shooting on the move while Torna and Juliani helped, never allowing the Orions a chance to surround her.

With only one of the Orions left, Kibi tripped on a body and faceplanted onto the deck. She turned over frantically, determined not to die now that Commander Night and the others had finally arrived, only to watch as a pinpoint shot from Juliani dropped the last Orion.

“Kibi, are you alright?” Juliana called out in concern even as Commander Night asked something on another comm channel.

“That’s it!” Kibi whined, her voice high-pitched in combined relief and terror as she scrambled to her feet, realising that salvation was near. “I have had enough of these mother trăkking clones on this mother trăkking ship!”


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