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Posted on 13 Oct 2017 @ 5:15pm by Commander Jack Lashmore & Lieutenant JG Shisa & Lieutenant Kylara Jax MD & Lieutenant Qen'aq & Lieutenant Celesia Rahn

Mission: Mission 01: The Hromi Shakedown
Location: USS Southern Cross: Deck 1 - Bridge, Klingon Bird of Prey
Timeline: co-current with 'Sleeping beauty'

Jack had reached the bridge with Qen'aq and Kylara in tow, Celesia had already beat them to the bridge and had manned tactical.

"Report?" Jack asked as he stared at the viewscreen and the hulking derelict shown upon it.

Shisa seemed slightly skittish in reply, "...I can't seem to reestablish contact with the away team...I can't even seem to get a lock on the probe we transported in either as a bypass."

The Orion woman stared daggers at her operations console.

To say this did not reassure Jack at all would have been an understatement. He had ordered the team over to a derelict his first instinct was to destroy. Nothing good ever came from ancient Orion technology in Jack's experience.

"I sent them over there..." Jack sighed, "I'll get them back...Miss Celesia, please take Command. Miss Jax, Mister Qen'aq, please accompany me to the armoury."

Celesia turned to face Jack, "Captain, unless you plan to cut your way through and punch a hole, I can't even get you in, our transporter cannot achieve matter reconstitution with this interference. Let alone getting anyone out. You are taking a huge risk on a very big maybe." Rahn said, knowing his mind was made up. Still she had to voice her objection if for nothing else, for the Bridge voice recorders.

Jack paused by the bridge exit and turned sideways to give a soft wink in Celesia's direction, "the Southern Cross phaser banks are indeed not up to par to penetrate the eltromagnetic shielding let alone their hull...torpedoes would risk too much harm. But we do have a tool just outside that is capable of breaking the molecular bonds of the derelicts hull."

Jack glanced at Qen'aq and Kylara, "think we can be surgeon's with your bird's disruptor banks?"

"Well it certainly wouldn't be the first time I've been complimented on my delicate touch." Kylara quipped, hand on her hip, smirk set to full force. Admittedly she was a bit nervous about the plan, heading over to a derelict Klingon ship and then using it to attack an ancient Orion battleship. This wasn't exactly what she'd envisioned being a ship's counselor, of course, the crew wasn't exactly what she'd imagined either.

"Are your disruptors even operational, Miser Qen'aq?" Celesia had to ask.

Qen'aq considered for a moment and nodded slowly. "Provided the weapon systems have not been too badly damaged, it should work. The mupwl' is an old ship, but can be trusted to hit what it is aimed at." He was unsure of what they would be shooting at, but it could only help his case and get one step closer to having a spaceworthy ship again.

"With your permission then, captain?" Jack asked the Klingon, giving the Klingon the correct title as commander of the Mupwl'.

"By all means, Captain. I've heard stories of Starfleet engineering. It will be interesting to see it in person." The Klingon grinned.

Rahn nodded, "I'll get the Jubilee to get to a safe distance just in case and get their scientist settled. Good luck over there."

Kylara smiled at her friend hoping tha they wouldn't need it. Of course so far everything said the opposite; Ancient derelict ship, loss of communications, giant radiation field and potential Klingon Civil war... what else could go wrong?

After short moments of gearing up in both engineering, and medical kits not to mention appropriate weaponry and EVA suits the second away team was transported to Qen'aq's Bird-of-Prey. Kylara, Qen'aq, Jack and two security officers with one engineer.

Jack glanced around the small bird-of-prey's command module, otherwise known as the bridge. The smell of the previous days electrical fires had permeated everything. "Ok, well let's see if we can get flight control and weapons going. Mister Qen'aq, if you would help guide our engineer?"

The young Bolian stepped up to Qen'aq, "ready whenever you are, sir."

Qen'aq looked around the scorched and ruined bridge. At first glance the only stations that seemed to be still intact enough to work with were the two standing ones behind the command chair. "I will transfer flight and fire control to these consoles," he said, indicating the two and settling into the command chair. According to the readout there, over half the data and power relays were burned out, but enough were still functional to allow the transfer to take place.

"Southern Cross to Captain Lashmore, I have Commander Night for you." Celesia's voice came through Jack's commbadge.

"I'll try to get a lock onto their position." Kylara called out as she moved to the tactical station. Klingon tactical sensors were fairly sophisticated, far more so than much of their other equipment, normally they wouldn't be able to penetrate the Orion ship's hull any more than the Cross could. But maybe, just maybe with the signal she could get a good idea where not to shoot.

Jack looked upward instictively as the message came through, "patch him through." Jack paused a moment for the line to be transferred, "seems you lot finally things out, hmm? Report."

"Captain," Alex began, "in short summary, the ship has literally woken up. Both the tech and the inhabitants. From what I understand, the Orion royalty at the very least, according to our guest, used clones to maintain certain types of vessels. The problem is, the clones on this ship, let's just say what Reetorg did to himself was the good outcome. I'm afraid Doctor Torrna and her team have encountered the ghosts of the derelict. Our guest has agreed to assist us in contacting the Cross and to lead the Doctor's team to safety."

Considering how things sounded Kylara wondered what had happened to this...Reetorg to make such a comparison. Adjusting her scanners Ky was able to find a rough location of at least Commander Night's position.

Jack hesitated for a moment as his fists subconsciously clenched into fists at the mention of Reetorg. "Can your guest lower the electromagnetic fielding further so you can beam out?"

There was chatter in the background before Alex's voice came through again. It would likely take too long. Captain,
stand by."
With that the commline was put on hold.

"Captain, if you can track us, we're double timing it to the shuttle bay, we're going to try to get out in one of the shuttles. Lowering the field is a no go. I repeat no go, otherwise the Doctor and the others and eventually us are going to be overrun."

Jack's jaw clenched again, until he was made a commanding officer he was always the soldier on the ground fighting to protect his he felt useless being a relay station...and the sentence including Maliya and overrun specifically made the hairs on the back of his neck raise. It was then Jack noticed Kylara staring intently at him as if observing. His eyes met hers as he replied to Alex over the com. "Understood, once we see the hangar open we'll lock on for transport."

Jack finally sighed once to center his thoughts and glanced at Qen'aq then back to Kylara, "well seems our heroic efforts are for naught, best be we back on the Southern Cross bridge."

Ky was definitely going to have to find out more about this Reetorg person. She might not be able to sense Jack in the way she did the others, but his body language at the mention of the name... she didn't need to be a Betazoid to read that.

She was about to agree when she was cutoff by a loud shout from the other end of Comm.

"Commander wait!" Asami's voice sounded over the comm. "We can't leave quite yet." Something had been bugging her, something the Princess said about how they got their power... fallen bark and leaves. Even in this huge arboretum it was hard to believe that there was enough raw material to keep the ship running for tens of thousands of years. And yet here it was, at first Asami couldn't figure it out, but then she kept looking at the trees and the grass. It was have an incredibly fast growth rate, leaves replenishing and new tress being grown rapidly. "This arboretum sir, we have to try and save some of it."

Alex's voice came through seconds later, "stand by, Captain."

"Commander... Captain." She said imploring both men to hear her out. "You both know what Rigel is these days, what it's become over the centuries..." Anybody who'd taken more than the basic science courses at the Academy learned about the environmental damage done to the planet. It made Moclus look like Risa and mistakes of 21st century earth a drop in the bucket. The rapid change on the planet over such a short period of time, had scientists convinced it would never recover and they were probably right... or at least they had been. "You know that in a couple of centuries even a terraforming effort wouldn't be able to salvage the planet, that it would be in real danger of becoming a dead world."

"Lieutenant," Alex used her rank to try to get her to focus.

"Sirs, these trees are the answer, look at them! They've grown and not just survived but thrived on a dead ship which they helped power. Imagine what we coudl do for rigel with that, with original fauna...not to mention..." She trailed off turning to the Princess. "Do you have a seed vault?"

"We do."

"Commander, I need a tree and as many of those seeds as we get get." It was foolish to be thinking of such things at this moment, Asami knew that. The she was coming apart around their ears, but knowing what she did now, how could she not try?

Jack considered his reply carefully, the Southern Cross was assigned to their rogue'ish area of space for a reason. "Commander Night, there are several reasons we were assigned to this area of space. Miss Inoue's request may bare some fruit towards those goals would you not agree?"

"Normally, sir, yes. However under the circumstances, I don't think we can afford to wait around. So what I suggest we do is tag what we need and beam it out after we're safely off the ship. By that point we should be able to lower the field enough for us to get a lock on the transport tag?" Alex spoke.

"I am unfamiliar with your transporter technology, however, I can set the fields to lower at a fixed time." A woman's voice was in the background.

"Why are we still talking? Chop chop." Jack asked yet directed at the same time.

Smirking as the Captain gave his order, Ky waited for the man to turn around to say anything. "You didn't have to do that." It was a bit chiding, yes, her words... Ky could be like that, but regardless of what she said the intent behind it was full of approval.

"I don't have to clean my teeth either, but it's the right thing to do." Jack replied. He tapped his commbadge, "Lashmore to Southern Cross, bird-of-prey away team ready to transport direct to the bridge."

He glanced at Qen'aq, "my apologies, seems we'll fix and shoot with this bird another time."

Qen'aq nodded in acknowledgement. It seemed that his every step forward was fated to be foiled, but one did not abandon a path simply because it became inconvenient. "So long as it is not left abandoned. I will need it when I eventually return to the Empire."

Jack eyed the Klingon, "I would not be a good Starfleet Captain if I did not make sure your ship was operational before you left us...though I only hope to at least just be an okay captain, the promise still stands."

Though the truth was, Jack would indeed see to it that the vessel was repaired...but releasing Qen'aq? That was a thought to be analysed at another time...


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