Personal Log: Rule 22: A Wise Man Can Hear Profit on the Wind

Posted on 26 Feb 2017 @ 9:21am by Brenk

"Personal Log Stardate 65667.2... no wait, that's not right. The decimal point is calculated based on Earth time and da-... no wait, it's our current location, isn't it? Wait, no, because we'd be moving so time wou-.... gah, it's Thursday, alright!? It's Thursday!"

"Anyway, this morning I may have either made one of the most profitable decisions in my life or one of the most foolish. Jack Lashmore came to my bar, the Border Pass Bar, on Driaan V, open Monday through Saturday! Come in and sample our wide selection of ales and elixirs from across the galaxy and beyond!"

"Wait, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, Jackie boy!"

"He and one of his other hoo-mon friends came in with an oddly veiled proposal for me, one that apparently required the use of a hammy accent and a flimsy front. He offered me a position on a Federation Starship, the U.S.S. Southern Cross. I'll be serving drinks in the function hall there, which was probably built for diplomatic meetings and treaty discussions with some of the other planets in the area."

"I can't say I mind it, to be honest. All that black-tie nonsense is so mind-numbing, almost everyone at one of those functions drinks themselves silly to avoid facing the stark reality that they're wasting their lives talking to brick walls."

"Now I know what you're thinking, me. Where's the profit in that? Well... it's the other proposal that had me hooked, if I'm honest."

"My chief role in this clown-posse of a crew's mission out here is to facilitate meetings and deals with the less-than-savory folk that get a bit trigger-happy when they see a Starfleet badge."

"I mean it's dangerous, sure, but then what businessman flourishes if he doesn't take a few risks? Most of the gangs and syndicates out here and positively lined with Latinum, goods, and contacts that are ripe for the taking... once Starfleet have done their bit, of course. You know, trashing everything like a Grint Hound in a Genton Reliquary."

"I still can't be certain if this was a move for better or for worse. Out here in the Borderlands, I could be killed if I take a single misstep. Then again, there was that guy that tried to shoot me the other night... and I could use a change of scene."