The Sim

Ronin (refit design)

Length: 482 m
Width: 178 m
Height: 89 (Including Pod)
Decks: 15 ( +3 sub-decks for the Weapons Pod )

Crew Compliment
Total Crew: 128
32 Officers
96 Enlisted

RCS Thrusters
Impulse Engines
Warp Core
Warp Speed:
Warp 8: Normal Cruise Speed
Warp 9.8: Maximum Cruise Speed
Warp 9.9: Emergency Warp (for 12 hours)

Regenerative Shielding System
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull
Additional 5cm Ablative Armour Coating Applied To Hull
High Level Structural Integrity Field

Primary Hull Offensive

4 x type 10 phaser arrays (2 Dorsal, 2 Ventral)
2 x forward Pulse Phaser Cannons ..........................................................................
1 x forward quantum torpedo launcher ...................................................................
+ 75 Quantum Torpedoes
2 x type 7 phaser banks (Warp Nacelle mounted, formerly a quantum tube convert)

Weapons Pod

2 forward photon torpedo tubes
1 rear photon torpedo tube
+ 80 Photon Torpedoes
2 x type 10 phaser arrays, forward
2 x type 10 phaser arrays, rear

Auxiliary Craft
4 x Type-9 Shuttle
4 x Type-11 Shuttle
1 x Argo Class Runabout
1 x Orion Class Runabout
1 x Captains Yacht
3 x Workbees

The USS Southern Cross is the fourth Ronin-class built and was launched in 2388. A brand new ship and a brand new crew, the adventure begins... (Scroll further down for Ronin-class design history)

Ronin Design includes:

- Extended crew quarters in size with bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchenette (a study if a Department Chief) No one has to bunk!

- Recreation Deck (Deck 6) with extended in size and function facilities including: a rather large Gymnasium, Crew Mess Hall, Function hall with dance floor and more.

- Strategic Operations and Intelligence Centre, otherwise known as the War-Room.

Ronin Class Design History

During the near 30 year long design process for the Sovereign Project several prototype hulls fitted with the prototype technologies were designed and mostly all were scrapped. The Ronin was one of these prototype hulls.

Constructed in 2365 the Ronin virtually ran out of gas whilst conducting its first test flight. The power required to maintain readiness of all weapons systems, enhanced warp core and test-bed technology was simply too much for vessel in its design to regulate. Virtually every second EPS conduit exploded.

It was then determined a project failure and the sovereign project moved concentration towards the other hulls in production.

In the year 2376, after remaining for 12 years in moffballs; two Starfleet officers spotted the Ronin amid the Utopia-Planitia junkyard. Captain Isaac Smith of Starfleet Strategic Operations, and Lieutenant Curtis Diehl a Starfleet security officer.

It was noted that Curtis remarked upon seeing the Ronin's hull, "I want to make love to that ship."

And make love to it they did, in a manner of speaking. Within 3 months the two officers had successfully gained approval for managing refitting the Ronin ready for active duty.

Isaac Smith pulled as many strings as possible in selecting people to be on the refit team and for pooling resources. Curtis Diehl proved to be vital in the project for redesigning the weapons systems to reduce power consumption.

After technicalities and refit blueprints were printed, the refit team found they had more room to play with. With the successful run of the Sovereign class for several years, most of the technology had been streamlined in size and productivity since 2365.

Many basic luxuries were extended, every crew quarters was increased in size. The shuttle bay was increased in volume. An Officers' Mess and Crew Lounge were incorporated. A good portion of deck Eight was dedicated to hydroponics. Weapons systems were gutted and refitted or replaced completely within original casing, example - phaser lance's replaced with pulse phaser cannons and nacelle mounted Quantum Torpedo tubes re-purposed to be phaser arrays.

A secure Operations and War Room facility was made below the structural arm holding the weapons pod on deck 1. Office’s included in the war room area are intelligence and StratOps dedicated. The War Room itself can function as a command and intelligence centre with networking capability as well as a secondary command and control centre for the Starship.

When the refit officially began the ship was literally gutted inside and out. Due to the low priority of the project in starfleet's mind, the project was rather undermanned and became time consuming.

This negative became a positive when the ship was finished in late 2379. Having been gutted and rebuilt by far less people than normal the ship seemed to be maintainable by a minimal crew complement.

In the end, due to the Ronin's base structure the vessel was still weaker than the Sovereign's which were also being refitted at the time.

However, the Ronin is still heavily armed for a Starfleet vessel and agile. The Ronin hosts a thin layer of ablative armour and self-sustainability within a very comfortable environment. Nearly an entire deck is dedicated to crew recreation.

Hence the vessel has been marked as a possible long ranged explorer and heavy cruiser.

Ever since the Ronin's successful re-launch, the class under the new redesign has been put into production.

Driaan V (Southern Cross Home-Base)

Location: Beta Quadrant, Borderlands

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

Orbitals: 1 Moon and 1 Space Station (Driaan Station)

Summary: Driaan itself was an idea in formation before the Federation had signed its charters in 2161 - an Australian colony vessel to settle the stars, utilising cryogenics and a Noah's Ark design philosophy. Horses, live-stock, hundreds of entire families with resources to build again coaxed into a one large colony vessel for its time and sent forth...

The colony vessel did not make it to its intended target nor did the crew wake when intended and drifted further towards Orion space. There, decades overdue to an incorrect destination they settled the Driaan System.

The fifth planet was M-class and thus first settled, however it was found that the system in all its bodies was rich in natural resources; rare and beautiful diamonds from the Fifth Planets extinct moon - exotic gases from the gas giant, abundant metals from asteroid belts. The colony thrived over the next century.

The focus always leaned towards tradition and original values; Parliament, agriculture, real food made by real hands. Though a massive capital city soon developed the majority of the population lived in scattered fringe settlements working the fields, tending the herds of live-stock and generally feed the systems economy and bellies.

Being so near the Orions, Driaan's prosperity was not to go unnoticed. Reetorg, an Orion Overlord, one of a Hundred that rule the Syndicate took special interest in the system. It was capable of being a strong and mighty independent empire without ever extending its borders.

Reetorg moved in with latinum and a business mind, yet not one to ignore the flare of political parties. Reetorg soon began a corporate takeover over a period of several years, buying out, mysterious accidents, gentle persuasions - he owned two political parties and the diamond mines as majority holder in the end.
And in the end he ruled Driaan.

The system soon became identical to most worlds under Syndicate rule - corrupt, decadent, violent and petty.

All which changed in the year 2385 when a team of some retired, and some active Starfleet personnel, including Driaan born Jack Lashmore successfully overthrew the Syndicate Overlord with the assistance of local assets. Although the conflict was not necessarily clean, it paved the way towards a reunification of the original Driaan government and forgotten local traditions. Though, as is expected, criminal activity on the planet had continued but in a more underground and contained fashion rather than blatant public displays.

In the year 2388, under Prime Minister Anastasia Lashmore, Driaan V was accepted within the United Federation of Planets.

Flinders Island is infact several small to large islands close together in the subtropical climate of Driaan V's equatorial region. Many private resorts scatter the main island, whilst the others are protected wilderness or private homes owned by locals. Perfect beaches, fishing and surfing...not to mention the parties...