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Ensign Kibi Hren

Name Kibi Hren

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Orange
Physical Description Kibi is a fairly ordinary Cardassian. Like other members of her species she has gray, scaly skin, with thick visible cartillage framing her face. Contrary to the stereotype, Kibi has a bright, cheerful look to her, lacking the dour look that the Cardassians are famed for.

Having just graduated from Starfleet Academy, Kibi is in superb physical condition. Like most Cardassians she is highly resistant to extreme heat and has surprising stamina given her relatively small frame. Moreover, like most Cardassians, Kibi has a superb photographic memory.

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Father Yorey Hren
Mother Mimoni

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kibi has been described her one of her teachers as "the girl who makes happiness look scary". She is a relentlessly cheerful individual, often talking at warp speed and grinning all the while. She makes friends with odd ease, although there has been concern that Kibi's joking manner bodes poorly for her professionalism.

Of substantial concern to many is Kibi's obsessive and, to some, disturbing fixation with weapons: the bigger the better. She speaks of phaser power and torpedo yields with the same happy tone that she speaks of sports or music, merrily attending to awful tools of destruction.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Exceptional intelligence: Kibi has an excellent grasp of mathematics and energy physics.

Superb spatial gunnery: At the Academy, Kibi was judged to have a superb grasp of manual targeting with starship-sized weapons.

Very friendly: Kibi's cheerful demeanour means she easily makes friends.

Good cross-training: Kibi is also a qualified engineer.


Naive: Despite her upbringing, Kibi is often very trusting and honest, often too much so. She would fare poorly with any kind of deception.

Weapon-obsessed: Kibi's expressed desire to maintain and use weapons, the bigger the better, has often been called directly contradictory to Starfleet's ideals.

Poor ground combatant: Strangely, Kibi has performed poorly in training for personal combat and only just passed her Security officer qualification, despite passing her Tactical officer qualification with flying colours.

Personal History Kibi's early life was fairly ordinary. She was born in Vecannial City on Cardassian Prime, daughter of a university professor and a Gul in the Cardassian military. For the first ten years of her life, Kibi lived quite happily. Her parents were loving, and she quite happily got along with her friends at school. The onset of the Dominion War went quite unnoticed to Kibi, too young to really digest the newscasts or her mother's often months-long missions and the way her mother seemed so awfully sad all the time.

The truth only hit when, as Kibi played with her father in their home, the bombardment began. She looked up in the sky as bright lights rained down upon the ground, incinerating millions in minutes, and Jem'Hadar troops fought the Cardassian armies in terrible urban combat. She cried as her father took her to a shelter, huddling as they waited for the bombing to stop.

When the Allies occupied Cardassia, something very unexpected happened for young Kibi as she and her father were beamed up to one of the orbiting Federation ships. They were promptly whisked far away, and within weeks, Kibi and her father were living on Vulcan. It took several months for Kibi's father to explain why. He had spied for the Federation during the War and, after its conclusion, fled to escape his wife. Gul Mimoni was a staunch patriot, fighting hard during the War, and he feared the reaction his wife would have upon learning the truth.

On Vulcan, Kibi had an unusual life. Her father remained Cardassian at heart, ensuring his daughter was raised in Cardassian culture. Almost in reaction to the dire, somber natives of Vulcan, Kibi become even more exuberant and outspoken, confounding her teenaged pointy-eared friends to no end. Her exceptional intelligence ensured that Kibi graduated early from a Vulcan university, immediately applying to Starfleet Academy.
Service Record 2365: Born in Vecannial City, Cardassia Prime.
2384: Graduated from Sehluth University with a degree in Directed Energy Applications. Joins Starfleet Academy.
2388: Graduates from Starleet Academy. Assigned to USS Southern Cross.