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Lieutenant Celesia Rahn

Name Celesia Rahn

Position Starfleet Command Liason

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7’’
Weight 169 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue-grey
Physical Description Rahn stands at the average height for most humanoid women. Due to her background and training, she sports a well toned physique rather than an athletic one, still retaining her feminine features. Her most striking features are her light eyes contrasting her long mane of thick black hair. A set of typical bajoran ridges is prominent on her nose.

She is usually dressed very practically and sensibly, opting to wear the vest variant of the uniform whenever possible, always keeping her uniforms clean pressed and fresh, her hair usually tied back and braided.

Off duty, she will wear elegant but sensible and practical clothing, keeping to darker colours usually, and will even let her mane of hair breathe on occasion, leaving it down. She will also wear her family earring when off duty.


Father Celesia Fayne (formerly Ansha Fayne) - deceased
Mother Celesia Vasir - deceased
Brother(s) Celesia Rayn (brother) - CMO, Starbase 17

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rahn is a quiet woman, calculating, patient. While at first glance she can come off as cold, that image is easily dispelled when she relaxes and smiles. This however is usually when off duty. Though even then she doesn’t get too attached to people, keeping them at arms length, rarely letting anyone come closer and that’s usually when she’s not focused on maintaining status quo. She is however glad for the few patient souls who stick by her in the end, because she doesn’t really want to constantly be alone, despite the act she puts sometimes.

On duty, she is the epitome of a cool professional. She had learned compartmentalization and detachment early on in her life, which is quite evident in the ease with which she seems to accept things and work through them or get over them.

She is in her own way caring and compassionate, through small, quiet acts, never really needing nor wanting praise or acknowledgement. She is an excellent listener, infact she prefers listening to speaking and is not fond of people who speak too much or too loudly. Granted her concept of too much and too loud is a matter of debate more often than not.

She had learned to relax and socialize through her associations at the Academy and through subsequent dealings on her assignments. Though even still, she prefers the quiet corner than the spot light. A place where her mind can analyze, observe and learn, rather than interact herself. While she finds that relaxing (and probably the only way she knows how to deal) most people call it not quite right in the head.

Rahn is a moderately religious person, prefering to accept the Prophets as guardians and protectors of all, rather than just bajorans, though she does believe the bajorans are the Prophets’ chosen race. She is tolerant of other religions and even curious about them in so far as learning the differences in belief systems. Off duty, she can often be found wearing the traditional earring of her d’jarra (caste).

Her loyalty to team and crew is beyond question, though she isn’t as quick to judge neither friend nor foe without reviewing evidence and information to the fact. She rarely jumps to conclusions or decisions fast, unlest there is an absolute need, such as a matter of life or death.

Languages: Bajoran, Cardassian, Federation standard (with a soft accent), conversational Klingon and Ferengi.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Along with her sharp analytical mind and years of work as a profiler and an analyst, she is an excellent, even a little unorthodox tactical thinker. This completed by the ability to detach and compartmentalized with ease makes her a valuable asset to investigatory work and tactical planning of most kinds.

Along with strong phsychological and physical control of herself, Celesia is in peak physical condtion and keeps it up regularly more out of an ingrained habit of ‘always be prepared, always be vigilant’ than actual love for physical fitness routines or martial arts, courtesy of her childhood with the Bajoran Resistance.

A competent albeit a little cold leader, she runs her teams and departments effectively. Rahn isn’t easy with compliments, but she does make sure that when good work is done, her people know it and feel appreciated for their work.

Celesia’s a bit of a jack of all trades in the fields of ordnance, astronomy, politics history, botany and first aid, but by no means a master.

She is a claustrophobic person. It took her years of counselling, throughout the Academy and her first assignment to learn how to deal with the issue. It’s by no means under complete control, but she can manage it to a point. She was trapped alone in a pile of debris of a destroyed building during a raid with her resistance cell for several hours as a child and has had an issue with small enclosed spaces eversince.

Celesia is also somewhat of a commitment phobe. She’s all too aware of how fragile humanoid relationships are and with as many losses as she suffered over the years, she has learned never to get too attached to people. As a result of that she has very few friends, some more fond colleagues. She is very close with her brother, who is her only living family member since their parents had been killed in an attack on DS9 in the years after the Dominion War. Personal relationships are a rarity in her life and it would take someone very patient and very interested to break through her tough outer shell to find a person simply rather afraid of loss.

Rahn suffers from relapsing PTSD, which is under the control of Counselling staff where she serves. During such relapse periods she feels periods of guilt (mostly the survivor’s kind), anxiety and has trouble sleeping. Initially she would suffer from bouts of irritability and anger but she had learned to control those impulses well over the years.

She also suffers from night terrors, especially during the bouts of PTSD relapse. This is again under careful control of the Counselors.
Ambitions Celesia would like to teach at Starfleet Academy one day, so far she’s still torn between Advanced Tactical Training and Behavioral Analysis tailored for Security and Tactical personnel. Her more present ambitions are simply to do the best job that she can and keep her wits about her.
Hobbies & Interests Her hobbies are few but very dear to her. She loves to read up upon histories and societies if people she’d worked with or encountered, not only because of the demands of her job, but rather as a student of diversity. Rahn also loves to cook and mix drinks, both of which she’d gotten very good at through the years.

Where as keeping up on her physical readiness is more a self imposed demand rather than anything else, she does enjoy martial arts, especially that of her homeworld Bajor, sar’jeno. She also likes to dabble in other forms if she believes certain bits are useful or could help her do things faster.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet:

It was in the Kendra Province on Bajor in the height of the Occupation, that Rahn and her older brother Rayn were born nine months appart. With their parents in the Resistance movement they were more or less raised by everyone in the the Chalshan Resistance Cell rather than just their parents.

This however paved the way for their eclectic fields of interests and points of knowledge. Despite belonging to the V’esir (warrior) d’jarra they learned enough to serve as field nurses, how to dismantle and fix weapons, consoles, generators, how to jury rig explosives out of just about anything. They also learned about religion, astronomy, history, botany, existence of other cultures and government systems. The ugly aspect of their broad training was also the fact they had become almost desensitized to death and destruction, having participated in several raids with the older cell members.

By the time they were fourteen, by their Ih’tanu Ceremony, the siblings were just as effective as any other cell member, despite being mere children. This had had an effect on their phsyche as well, where they were more the cool, detached adults rather than children. Their parents, Fayne and Rahn understood why this was. Raised by rebels, in constant fear for their lives, in constant danger, one had little time for a happy, carefree childhood.

Seeing how their life choices influenced their children, Fayne and Rin decided to become refugees. They wanted a better life for their children. So by 2367 they had managed to scrounge up enough resources to send them to the nearest Federation world thathat was accepting Bajoran refugees where they could seek asylum. So young Rahn and Rayn were sent to Hockden 7 from where they later traveled to Earth.

By the time the Bajoran-Cardassian Armistice came around in 2369, the siblings will have finished preparatory courses on Earth which filled in for education they had missed out on during their years with the resistance. Languages, history, tech, etiquette, the works. Rahn and Rayn threw themselves into their studies eager to prove themselves worthy, eager to finally attain something they wanted without having to kill for it.

While their parents moved to DS9 and found employment, what with the Federation having moved in on Deep Space Nine to act as Administrators and mediators, Rahn and Rayn had other plans. They’d seen the life on the other side. They had seen the bountifulness of the Federation, so the first chance they got, they applied to Starfleet Academy. The one comforting factor for Fayn and Rahn was that they would be safer on Earth than on DS9, what with all the rumours of war flying around.

It proved successful in 2369, when they both sat the entrance exams and passed on the first try. Granted, the Federation was all too keen to accept new bajoran officers, so exeptions were made in their and other bajorans cases in the following few years. Initially outsiders in the strange new world that was the Starfleet Academy, now Rahn and Rayn, along with several other bajorans in their year and others suddenly became the ‘go to’ Cadets for those who wanted to know more of what it was like to live and breathe war, for all intents and purposes especially with the possibility of war looming on their backs.

While initially, Rahn was uncertain on whether they should share what they’d lived through, Rayn had no qualms sharing. Seeing how this actually helped Rayn relax and become more accepted among his peers. She eventually did the same and ironically, life at the Academy, the social aspect of it distinctly improved for them.

War found them again on 2373, when the Federation and a large part of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants enter into the Dominion War. Rahn and Rayn graduated in the upper percentile of the class barely a few weeks before the first attack on the Federation Listening Post in the Gamma Quadrant. Rahn had finished Security and Tactical training, with focus on the investigative skillsets and certifications in behavioral analysis. Rayn on the other hand went in a totally opposite direction. He went into the Medical track, specializing in general surgery and field medicine. This alone took him to further training and specializations, while Rahn got her first assignment.


Due to her scores she immediately landed the position of Security Investigations Officer in 2373 on the USS Fenris. Being separated from Rayn (who went to Betazed to further his training) was at first very difficult as the siblins had grown very attached over the years. Rahn however quickly adapted and began to discover who she was an an individual, rather than as one part of a whole, as they had been before. The Fenris itself, part of the 14th Fleet was part of the Armada attacking the Torros III shipyards in the opening days of the war. After that battle it became one of the hardy support beams of the 14th Fleet, eventually its Flagship, pushing and fighting against the odds, often fighting alongside Klingons in their engagements.

While she did like Security Investigations, she felt she could do more as did her Commanding Officer and the Chief of Security of the Fenris. So they recommended her for Advanced Tactical Training in 2376 which she accepted. While she did well in the following two years there, she still didn’t feel like it was her niche.

Another opportunity came after she finished her training, when Starfleet Security HQ put up a request for Behavioral Analysts so Rahn applied. After a period of testing, it was determined she was qualified and had the right experiences to be able to contribute to the cogwheel that was the BAU. So in 2378, she was reassigned back to Earth to Starfleet Security HQ as a Behavioral Analyst.

During her four year tenure there, Rahn rose through the BAU ranks steadily, eventually becoming the senior agent, participating in mentoring younger officers as well as taking part in several high profile cases. Her work on the final case, a joint operation with Starfleet Intelligence got her on Intel’s radar. They were chasing a rogue Intelligence agent and it was Rahn’s profile of him as well as her tactical prowess that managed to lead the task force to locate and apprehend the person.

Begin Classified Section

As things would have it, Celesia got approached by one of the agents from Starfleet Intelligence she’d worked with in the joint operation to join their ranks.

Rahn was immediately interested in this offer, though she asked for a few days time to give it proper thought. She wanted to discuss it with Rayn. Needless to say the big brother wasn’t happy with her inclinations, having devoted his life to peace and healing since attending the Academy. He was of the mind that she couldn’t get out of her resistance mentality and that she lived and breathed her work. Her eventual decision to accept the offer left the siblings at odds for years, though somehow, the two silently agreed not to tell the parents.

So, having said yes, Rahn entered a year long cross training programme, where she was reunited with several friends from the USS Fenris days, her friends from Security, Jack Lashmore and Riia Talani, a fellow Bajoran, and Alexander Night who was turning out to be a career intelligence officer. All three were within the service now.

Celesia excelled in the cerebral aspects of the training as well as the physical one, struggling a little with the technical ones, while still keeping passable scores. After finishing the programme she was assigned to Starbase 7 as Chief Of Security, assigned to monitor the senior staff because of suspicions of corruption. She worked along side the office of the Inspector General and several other Internal Affairs agents, gathering intelligence and building a case, code named Operation Chrysalis. Further details of the case classified by the Office of the Inspector General and the Security Council.

After the operation was concluded, Celesia was reassigned to the Cardassian sector, conducting short operations as neneeded, dealing with and acquiring assets as well as extractions of turned officials.

After the year was out, having been secretly tested by Intelligence Oversight to be able to handle working with Cardassians, Celesia was sconded to Starfleet Strategic Operations for Bajor Sector as Intelligence Liaison. Being back on Deep Space Nine with this assignment was weird, especially as in that year both her parents were killed in a shuttle accident returning from Bajor. The funeral reunited the siblins and managed to help them mend their relationship now that they were all each other had in the universe.
End Classified Section

Again, secretly being tested through her tenure with Strategic Operations, Celesia excelled in the mix of the tactical, cerebral and the physical and was permanently transferred to Strategic Operations the following year and assigned to the USS Southern Cross under the newly minted Captain, Jack Lashmore
Service Record 2369 - 2373 - Starfleet Academy, Security and Tactical Training

2373 - 2376 - USS Fenris, Security Investigations Officer

2376 - 2378 - Advanced Tactical Training

2378 - 2382 - Starfleet Security, Behavioral Analysis Unit

Begin Classified Section

2382 - 2383 - Starfleet Intelligence Cross Training

2383 - 2385 - Starbase 7, Undercover as Chief Of Security, Operation Chrysalis

2385 - 2386 - Field Officer, Cardassian Section

2386 - 2388 - Intelligence Liaison to Strategic Operations, Bajor Sector
End Classified Section

2388 - pres. - USS Southern Cross, Chief of Strategic Operations