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Lieutenant JG Agron Drag'nah

Name Agron Drag'nah

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Xindi (Primate)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 181 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Agron Drag’nah is, at first glance, a rather disarming individual. He has about his countenance a calm and peaceful disposition. His skin is dark and supple and his frame wide, though not at all exceptionally built, slender, or overweight.

His jawline is angular and broad, giving him a slightly stronger physical presence that is quite contrary to the man himself.

The typical ridges that run from the top of the forehead to an apex at the bridge of the nose, coupled with the small spines and singular indents upon his cheekbones mark him clearly as a Xindi and his hair is kept traditionally and accordingly.

Most notable of Agron’s features though is most certainly his voice. He speaks calmly and slowly but with a rich baritone and powerful projection. He is undoubtedly a talented orator and has a profound eloquence to his own dialect, a tool which he uses to his advantage as often as possible, being a man who prefers peace to violence.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kogra Drag'nah
Mother Dreya Drag'nah
Brother(s) Rokos Drag'nah
Sister(s) Reyli Drag'nah
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Agron is a calm, focused, and relatively quiet individual. He speaks eloquently and with a precise and direct diction. However, he is by no means aloof and can be quite amiable and talkative when the situation calls for it.

He has a fascination with alien cultures, particularly historical, cultural, and archaeological elements surrounding them. For this reason, Bajor is among one of his favorite planets to visit, as well as Earth.

Agron is known for his even, unshakable temperament under duress and is incredibly focused when doing his job.

He is able to multitask well and will often notice things peripherally that would otherwise be missed by such a disciplined individual.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

Educated - Agron is a relatively well-educated man. His knowledge of the wider universe and of modern affairs, while not remarkable, is certainly up-to-date. Deeper still is his learned background in alien cultures and history, being a man with an interest in Anthropology and Archaeology.

Calm Under Pressure - Agron's talent as a pilot is in-part due to his calm nature and the fact that he is slow to anger. Even in tense or even life-threatening situations, Agron is able to keep cool and calm and focus on the mission at hand.

Quick Reflexes - Agron's natural reflexes are relatively fast for a species not known to possess such attributes. He is able to make quick, calculated decisions based on experience and situation.


Inexperienced Combatant - Despite his quick reflexes, Agron is actually not a particularly great shot when it comes to firearms. He has little-to-no combat experience and would sooner surrender than put up a fight, being a man of peace.

Passive - While not necessarily a 'pacifist', Agron is certainly hard-pressed to fight in a situation where surrender and co-operation is an option. He believes there is a way out of any situation, even when there perhaps might not be without spilling blood.

Conspicuous - With his well-kept manner, rather defined appearance, and sophisticated dialect, Agron stands out rather fiercely in a crowd and his voice is rather easy to pick out in a loud room. He lacks any real traits useful for a covert operation.
Ambitions Agron is an explorer at heart and one day hopes to be part of (or lead) an exploration mission in to deeper space to meet with new life and ancient civilizations.

Chief among all of his goals though is to one day make First Contact with a new alien race.
Hobbies & Interests Agron is a well-read and learned man. He has a great passion and love for learning the histories and cultural practices of other races. Any chance he can get to discover more about the archaeological, anthropological, and theological (despite being Atheist himself) backgrounds of other societies, he will leap upon.

He has a great love of texts in the more traditional, analogue form of books. He candidly finds great serenity and peace in being surrounded by walls of books and scrolls.

However, Agron also finds a more immediate and physical joy in competitive flying and shuttle rallies. He is an avid fan of space racing and regularly keeps his nerve quick and brain sharp in holosuit simulations of famous races across the stars or treacherous and potentially fatal courses which must be navigated.

Personal History Agron Drag’nah was born on the planet New Xindus in the year 2362, fifty-one years after the planet and the Xindi people were granted admission in to the United Federation of Planets, to Kogra and Dreya, a renowned hair stylist and botanist respectively.

From a young age, it was incredibly apparent that Agron had a unique aptitude for education and learning. He began reading relatively quickly and as soon as he could, he would find himself diving in to one story after another.

To begin with, his greatest fascination was with his people’s own history, most of which he found to be quite tragic. Whether it was the devastating 100-Years War that ended with the destruction of their home planet or the horrendous Florida-Venezuela incident of 2153, Agron could not help but feel pangs of guilt and shame over his people’s history.

However, his studies continued in to his early teens where he spent a great amount of time studying and learning all that he could about the other subspecies of Xindi who were so very similar to him and yet so very, very alien at the same time. He practiced learning the different languages of each Xindi and by the age of 15, he was fluent in most forms of Xindi tongue including Reptilian, Arboreal, and Aquatic (though he struggled somewhat with Insectoid dialects).

From the Aquatic Xindi, whom had taken a greater interest in the histories and cultures of the other species of the Federation, he continued his reading to stories and legends surrounding other alien cultures out there in the wider galaxy.

In particular, he found the theological beliefs of the Bajorans to be fascinating and the tales and legends of the Klingons to be truly gripping.

By the time he was 16, Agron had made up his mind on what it was he wanted to do. He wished to be an explorer, a diplomat, and a man who could take the opportunity to learn everything possible from the worlds and cultures out there in the wider galaxy.

At the age of 18, Agron Drag’nah was accepted in to Starfleet Academy and enrolled in his first year as a Sciences student, studying alien theology, history, archaeology, and culture. It was there that he quickly discovered his second great passion, flying.

As part of his training in San Francisco, Agron took on shuttlecraft piloting as an extra-curricular activity. Though he naturally crashed and burned in the simulations the first few times, he soon found that not only did he thoroughly enjoy being in control of a vessel that could chart its own path, he had a certain aptitude for it.

He remained calm and collected under pressure and was able to make swift, calculated decisions in difficult situations. It goes without saying that his notable ability in piloting did not slip past Starfleet Academy Command.

With rising tensions in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and in treacherous regions along the edges of Federation space, it became apparent to Starfleet that they would soon be in great want of skilled pilots and tactical personnel.

Agron was approached by several tutors before the beginning of his sophomore year, all of whom urged him to transfer to command training in the fields of navigation and flight control. Though Agron was at first reluctant to do so, wishing to continue is studies on alien culture, he was soon coerced with the suggestion of one day commanding his own vessel, where he might fly as he wishes to visit whichever culture he should please. A point was made to note that practically every great captain in Starfleet history was once the flight control officer or ‘helmsman’ of his or her ship.

The next three years, Agron focused on learning the fundamentals and more advanced techniques and necessary technical knowledge required to fly larger and more advanced Starfleet vessels whilst also furthering his passion for alien cultures, customs, and history on the side.

In 2384, Agron graduated from Starfleet Academy at the age of 22. As an Ensign, he was granted his first assignment aboard the Ambassador-Class U.S.S. Long Island as a Flight Control Officer.

Service Record 2380 - 2381 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2381 - 2382 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2382 - 2383 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2383 - 2384 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2384 - 2387 - Ensign - U.S.S. Long Island - Flight Control Officer

2387 - 2388 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - U.S.S. Long Island - Flight Control Officer

2388 - N/A - Lieutenant Junior Grade - U.S.S. Southern Cross - Chief Flight Control Officer