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Name Brenk

Position Bartender

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description Brenk is a Ferengi of discernible character. His clothing is well-kept, suitably fitted, and appears to be sewn of relatively valuable materials. When asked about his commonly extravagant attire, he will usually offer a nonchalant shrug and a casually dismissive and vague response.

"Eh, well. You know how it goes..."

He is relatively tall by Ferengi standards, standing at an impressive 5 feet and 2 inches, and is incredibly lean in body, giving his form an almost elegant appearance.

He is also relatively attractive for one of his kind, though arguably still comparatively ugly compared to the wider cosmos. His teeth are well-sharpened, neat, and even and his intimidating jaw boasts only one ragged tooth.

He has a lean, angular jawline and a wide chin which continues upwards toward the Ferengi's characteristically large, four-lobed head and wide, remarkably large ears.

His eyes are large and of a bright green tone, coupled with his extending brown to offer a piercing glance.

Brenk doesn't wear the Ferengi's customary headdress, believing it to be a symbol of subservience and rigidity, the marks of lesser coat-tail riders and unremarkable businessmen.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Zak - Civilian Trader
Mother Dreka - Small-time Hustler
Brother(s) Brok - Garbage Scowler
Azik - Orion Syndicate Fence, Racketeer & Enforcer
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A shrewd businessman and charismatic individual, Brenk carries himself through life with a prideful step and egocentric manner. He conducts himself with sharp wit and quick retorts and has two answers and a suggestion for any given situation, whether his input is necessary or not.

A morally grey man on most accounts, Brenk does have certain scruples and remarkable opinions even among the Ferengi.

He abhors the notion of slavery and detests his brother for his involvement with the Orion Syndicate on Driaan IV, to the point that he himself has made efforts to assist in the shutdown of operations there in any way he can.

He is also alarmingly supportive of equal rights for women, believing them to be a largely untapped source of potential profit and growth as well as useful in the unassuming arts of deception.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:

CHARISMATIC - As an attractive member of his race and a character of a man, Brenk is a charming, convincing, and sometimes manipulative individual who is capable of bending the rules and bending other people to get what he wants.

CONNECTED - Even the most reputable, in fact arguably especially the most reputable, Ferengi businessmen are not above breaking laws and conducting shady business in the name of a tidy profit.

PRAGMATIC - Brenk is, for the most part, a pragmatist and will utilize almost any situation, good or bad, for personal gain, rarely at his own expense.


MORAL - While Brenk is generally a relatively shady businessman, he does have his own set of morals that hold him back from going through with certain illicit deals. He is strongly opposed to harming innocents and will not contribute to the trafficking of slaves or the oppressed in any way.

WEAK - What Brenk makes up for with personality and coercive abilities, he lacks in physical strength and combat experience. He is not particularly cowardly, but he lacks any sort of training or experience in the field. Though he carries a Klingon Disruptor Pistol with him and keeps it under the bar, he's hardly capable of using it and is more likely to hurt himself with it than anything else.

SELFISH - Despite having strong ethical and moral comitments, Brenk is in no way 'generous' or 'charitable'. He will serve himself first and foremost and will not put himself out of his way to achieve a goal that is not his own.

ODD - Some of Brenk's moral codes, attitudes, demeanour, and business practices have been labelled as somewhat untraditional and strange among the Ferengi, which has put him often at odds with other businessmen and even the Ferengi Commerce Authority.
Ambitions Brenk's mission aboard the U.S.S Southern Cross is threefold:

1) Dismantle the Syndicate - Believing the Orion Syndicate to be a financial liability and a cancer to the world of profitable business as well as a trader of slaves and trafficker, Brenk is willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to shut them down and either defect or destroy his traitorous brother.

2) Build Ties with the Federation - The United Federation of Planets is arguably the largest superpower in both the Alpha and Beta quadrants and generally far less dangerous to do business with than the Klingons or Cardassians. By earning the favor of the Federation, Brenk hopes to expand his financial horizons across the Alpha and Beta quadrants and continue to do profitable business with the United Federation planets in a capacity that few other Ferengi are capable of doing.

3) Cash in on anti-Orion operations - Warehouses full of bootleg alcohol, drugs, looted cargo, and even weapons as well as illicit contacts on Syndicate worlds and in Syndicate cities are all ripe for the taking for Brenk's own personal ventures, all the while landing blows against the Syndicate in the process.
Hobbies & Interests Brenk is a man of 'simple pleasures'. As the barman of the U.S.S. Southern Cross, he is a connoisseur of drinks of all cultures, from Human Whiskey to Romulan Ale to Cardassian Kanar, and is well-informed on most drinks he serves to his clients.

Some could also say that his appearance is his hobby. He spends a significant amount of time grooming and dressing and caring for his clothes.

A socialite by nature, Brenk also makes it his business and his interest to get to know people personally, often delving in to their personal lives and learning more about them.

As far as interests go, he follows a long line of Ferengi prior to him who also dedicated their lives to Latinum of the gold-pressed persuasion.

Personal History Born on Ferenginar, the wet and swampy homeworld of the Ferengi species and birthplace of the Ferengi Alliance, as the youngest of three brothers, Brenk's socialite characteristics manifested at an early age.

Whilst his eldest brother Azim studied the Ferengi economy and galactic trade agreements thoroughly and his older brother Brom spent his days playing with action figures and reading comics, Brenk put his tongue to work making friends.

At the age of 12, he was arguably the most popular apprentice and custodian in his work placement and excelled at selling goods to customers and advising them on purchases. All was going well for the perky and industrious young Ferengi. In his late teens and in to his early twenties, Brenk began negotiating trades between the Ferengi and other alien merchants exploring the Alpha quadrant, acting as a liaison and middle-man for both the Ferengi Alliance and the businessmen from beyond. However, all of that changed in 2379 when Brenk suddenly got a call from his mother back on Ferenginar.

Azim had upped and left for a system in Orion space and she had discovered evidence of his involvement with the Orion Syndicate as an informant against the Ferengi. He had betrayed the Alliance and sided with slavemongers, pirates, and worst of all, bad businessmen.

Brenk dedicated much of his spare time to tracking Azim's movements from then on, knowing that he could not act against his brother and the Syndicate straight away. He continued to gather intel on his brother for the next 8 years until at last, an opportunity arrived.

Azim had moved in to the Driaan system, a place deep within the Borderlands of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Gorn Hedgemony. There he continued his work as an enforcer and fence for the Syndicate.

However, not long after his arrival, the Federation rose to took control of Driaan V, forcing the Syndicate and the other forces at work there back. Seeing the opportunity to finally take down his brother, he took the first shuttle there and settled in the newly controlled Federation settlement as a bartender, using his wit, charisma and contacts to locate his brother. It was from there that he learned of a particular U.S.S. Starship, the Southern Cross, that had recently been charted to leave the drydock of Driaan V under the flag of the United Federation of Planets. However it's captain, Jack Lashmore, was a man of a less than scrupulous nature. Indeed, Brenk had done business with him on occasion before and the man, who was known for his penchant for alcohol, had frequented the bar on several occasions.

It didn't take Brenk a moment to understand the opportunities that would arise with working with such a man, particularly one who had access to Starfleet's resources and contacts.

The ship also had posted an opening for entertainment staff, including a bartender.

Brenk knew that he only had to look to the Rules of Acquisition that all Ferengi live by to make his next move.

Rule of Acquisition No. 9 - Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.
Service Record Civilian Affairs
Driaan V
2385 - 2388