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Nova has been developed on the CodeIgniter PHP framework by EllisLab.

Icons used throughout Nova were created by FamFamFam and Pinvoke.

The rank sets used in Nova were created by Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG. The ranksets can be found at Kuro-RPG. Please do not copy or modify the images.

Bravofleet would like to acknowledge the following for making the Fleet what it is today:

Gene Roddenberry

Paramount Pictures -


Star Trek Online -

The Cast and Crew of the following productions:
Star Trek The Original Series
Star Trek The Animated Series
Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek Enterprise
Star Trek The Motion Picture
Star Trek The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek The Search for Spock
Star Trek The Voyage Home
Star Trek The Final Frontier
Star Trek The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek First Contact
Star Trek Insurrection
Star Trek Nemesis
Star Trek (2009)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Star Trek Beyond

Bravofleet Founder - Mike Bremer

Bravo Fleet CO - JonM

Program Credits

Bravo Fleet Management System - JonM

Nova System -

Artistic Credits
Sam Aubrey
(+others if you can add them)

Background Art Credits

3D Model Art Credits

Acension Class - Mark Kingsnorth
Akira class v1 & v2 - team
Ambassador class - team
Anteres class - Eric Peterson
Aranjuez class - Mojoman
Bajoran Interceptor - Brian Sayler
Borg Cube (v2) - Marc-Laurent "Magma" Magnier
Borg Queenship - Frederick K. Stevens
Borg Sphere (v2) - Marc-Laurent "Magma" Magnier
Borg Tactical Cube - Stephan Tandel
Cardassian Battleship - Rob Caves & Rutgar Warrink & Andrew J. Hodges
Cardassian Chintaka class - Rob Caves & Rutgar Warrink & Andrew J. Hodges
Cardassian Galor class - William Burmingham
Cardassian Heidiki class - D.Bates - aka "EBOLII"
Centaur class - Eric Peterson, Henry Gibbens, Felipe Ábrigo
Cheyenne class - team
Concorde class - Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre
Constellation class - Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre
Constitution class refit (v1) - Eric Peterson / Wolfpak359
Dauntless class (not from voyager) - Dominic Zschokke
Deep Space Nine - Joerg Gerlach
Defiant class (v5) - Skye "021310061976" Dodds
Dominion Attack Fighter - Liam 'Cyberbob' Williams
Dominion Battleship - Ger Dolan & Magma
Dominion Cruiser - Ger Dolan & Magma
Dumont Class - Medaj
Excalibur class - Steven Davis
Excelsior class - team
Excelsior B class (v5 & v6) - J. Cassio & Laércio "Medjai"
Federation Drydock (v2) - Liam 'Cyberbob' Williams
Federation Starbase (v2) - team
Galaxy class - team
Immense class Starbase - Nir Schneider & Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre
Insignia class - Mark Kingsnorth
Intrepid class - Flat Eric
Khitomer / Wildcat class - Bob Crosswell & Jason Tinsley
Klingon Bird-of-Prey - William Burningham
Klingon K't'inga class - Kevin Riley
Klingon Negh'var class - David Bishop & Erik Timmermans & William Burningham
Klingon Vor'cha class - Cyrille "Tachy" Lefevre
Luna class - David "KnightRider" Metlesits
Miranda class - Tachy
Miranda class v2 - 'H' Gibbens
Mustang class - Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre
Nebula class - Flat Eric
New Orleans class - team
Nova class (v2) - Mike Write and the team
Olympic class - The_Chief
Raven class - team
Romulan D'deridex class - SMay
Romulan Kerchan class - Rick "Hobbes" Snider
Romulan Bird of Stealth - Jorg Gerlach & Andrew J. Hodges
Romulan Bird of Vengeance - Andrew J. Hodges
Romulan Shalimar class - Andrew J. Hodges
Ronin class - Rick "Hobbes" Snider
Runnie-X class - Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre
Scorpion class (non-Romulan) - Andrew J. Hodges
Sovereign class - Paul Trenkler and Daniel Broadway
Starbase 201 - Steven Davis
Starbase 666 - team
Type-9 Shuttle - Steffan 'Squapper' Norling
Type-11 Shuttle - J. Mous aka Arquelis
Prodigy class - Andrew J. Hodges
Prometheus class - Ed Giddings
Saber class - Don Woligroski
Seeker class - D.Bates
Steamrunner class - team
Vesta class - David "KnightRider" Metlesits
Viper class - Andrew J. Hodges & Arthur E. Pohlman
Wallace class - Marc Benjamin Rose
Warhammer class - Andrew J. Hodges


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